Infinite Conscious Conditioning was born of the idea that the conscious nature of movement in Pilates could be infused into any and all movement. In practice, this body awareness aids in safer higher intensity exercise and richer, more effective restorative exercise. It is a conditioning philosophy that focuses on breath and intention and its impact on the body and mind. Onto this we layer in the needs and goals of the individual, creating a customized, holistic, results driven experience for our clients.  


We love to partner with local businesses to provide our clients the best experience possible in fitness, wellness and happiness!
We offer products and services from these, amazing locally owned companies!


MonkeyMind Wellness is an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice in Palm Beach County providing a wide range of traditional services for a complete vision of wellness. Irina Shlain is the brains and brawn behind Monkey Mind Wellness. After obtaining her undergraduate BBA in Economics and Finance from Temple University in Philadelphia (2005) Irina quickly realized her true interest lay in alternative medicine and healing.



Greenspoon Aromatherapy was created as a result of Rebecca, founder of Greenspoon Aromatherapy, combining her aromatherapy and mental health knowledge. Her products are even custom made to meet each clients specific needs.

Greenspoon Aromatherapy’s motto is Smell Good ~ Feel Better. Greenspoon accomplishes this by combining fragrance oils (Smell Good) with 100% essential oils (Feel Better). Greenspoon Aromatherapy’s products are all natural and toxin and chemical free. Basically, they are incredibly good for you and you’ll smell great too!





Devin is a wellness educator, health and fitness coach who absolutely loves inspiring and guiding others to feel and look their best. He helps health conscious people, take their health to the next level by making health simple.

Devin is a student of life, dedicated to ongoing improvement and learning. He feels blessed to be able to share his health knowledge and expertise to improve others lives.



The Sagely Willow is a master level, boutique massage therapy and bodywork company located in downtown Delray Beach, Fl. Quality, client satisfaction, and personalized attention is a strength of each massage therapist. They offer master level massage therapy & bodywork sessions of well known modalities like therapeutic massage, prenatal massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, shiatsu massage as well as cutting edge modalities that are of their creation including our signature service called the Buff & Thai.



Chase was born and raised in South Florida and has lived close to the ocean his whole life. He has always enjoyed traveling and photography but began to take it serious when he found a passion for capturing the beautiful Atlantic sunrises.

The focus of his work is on coastal sunrise landscapes but he also does portraits and small events.