Are you a bit bored? Looking for more inspiration, motivation, FUN in your work out routine? Infinite takes Pilates and all other practices we preach to a whole new level. Classical to contemporary, restorative to rigorous. Awareness is the foundation for everything we do. That is why our class sizes are small, our instructors are highly educated, not to mention passionate about what they are bringing to you each day. Learning about your body, not just using it, will allow you to do more of what you love in and out of the studio. So come by or call. Our door is always open. We can’t wait to meet you!


Fusion offers a higher level of intensity than traditional Pilates class
with the addition of functional strength training, yoga, plyometric and explosive movements.
This format results in even more fat burning and toning combined with
the unmatched core and form focus of Infinite Pilates.

Introducing the best team
in South Florida!
Come meet our FABULOUS
new instructors!

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